The Perfect Mix
The Perfect Mix
We proudly offer you our finest blend of 100%
dried and matured organic premium leaves.
100% organic leaves blend

carefully handcrafted to give you a satisfying 'tobacco like' smoking experience, with rich uncompromising taste.
Mixes well with other herbs.

Boost your moments with the perfect mix

Golden mixo (30g) ₪45

A Golden Color Mixture, Dried And Matured Leaves, Easy To Roll & Mix, Neutral Flavor

Licorice, Sage, Vetiver, Damiana, Marshmallow,Wild Lettuce, Bay Leaves, Basil, Rosmarius.

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Green mixo (30g) ₪45

A Green Color Mixture, With The Perfect Aroma, Easy To Roll & Mix, Mild Flavor

Licorice, Safflower, Mint Leaves, Damiana, Marshmallow, Wild Lettuce, Bay Leaves, Basil, Turmeric.

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