About MIXO Organic Leaves Blend

Our mission is to let people enjoy their cannabis without the dependence in tobacco!

We developed our nicotine free blends in our shop with customers and medical cannabis patients. testing different blends throughout 16 months gave us the best feedback about different herbs and their effect when you Smoke, Mix & Roll.

We started from 24 different blends, slowly learning, removing and adding ingredients to create The Perfect Mix!

We proudly offer you our finest blend of 100% dried and matured organic premium leaves, carefully handcrafted to give you a satisfying "Tobacco Like" smoking experience, with rich uncompromising taste.

We believe in excellent customer service, every product was packed and sent out from our product line perfectly. if you Are having any trouble, please contact us.


Thank you,
The MIXO Team

(972) 03-9040669
Ibn Gevirol 17, Tel Aviv, Israel